(one 2-string, fifteen 3-string
and nineteen 4-string choirs)

Master V. J. Schunda.
Hungary, Budapest, around 1905

“SCHUNDA V. JOZSEF” — engraved on a brass plate screwed to the upper side bar

Wood, metal, felt

1905, purchased from V. J. Schunda
Stock number: 16516/746

The instrument is designed to be mounted on 4 legs. 2 dampers (2 wooden plates covered with felt) are connected by a pull bar with levers and 2 pedals. The outsides of the side bar, the pin block and the tailpiece are glued over with a plated fretted walnut ornament. 2 sticks are made of walnut. There are cutouts for fingers in the handles. Hamose drum parts are wrapped in cotton