(twenty-one 3-string choirs),
A. D. Nezovibat’ko’s design

Chernigov Factory of Musical Instruments.
The USSR, the Ukrainian SSR, Chernigov, 1956

“УКРАIНА ЧЕРНIГIВ (Ukraine Chernigov)” — a carved inscription on the upper side bar

Wood, metal, felt, celluloid

1956, purchased from the Chernigov Factory of Musical Instruments
Stock number: 16516/317

The body is designed to be mounted on 3 legs. 2 dampers (2 plates made of mahogany, covered with felt) are connected by a pull bar with levers and a pedal. The sound board is molded with mahogany along the perimeter. The instrument is inlayed with a mosaic set (pieces of yellow, red and green wood) in the form of two quatrefoils in the sound board, and in the form of a band along the perimeter of the body. The edges of the side bar, the pin block and the tailpiece are glued over with bands of celluloid. The instrument, the legs and the pedal are stacked in a wood shell case tinted black