for longcase
or wall clocks

(eighteen 3-string choirs)

Unknown master.
Germany, 17th–18th centuries

“non porté / au Catal.” — a handwritten label glued to the outside of the back; “С D …” — a half-effaced notation handwritten by black Indian ink on a fragment of a paper label glued to the tailpiece

Wood, metal, cloth

1908, acquired from C. Snook’s heirs
Stock number: 16516/300

The sound board is barred (late) with 2 bracing plates (one of them is perforated) with the ends glued to the sound board. The instrument is equipped with a damper (?) lever. The text of the label “non porté / au Catal.” indicates that the instrument was not included into the Catalog of C. Snook's collection (at the moment it was acquired by the Museum in 1908)