(4 single strings, one 2-string
and fifteen 3-string choirs)

Unknown master.
Belorussia, the last quarter of the 19th century (before 1889)

“16 сентября 1889. (September 16, 1889.)” — an inscription by pencil on the upper side bar; “Цимбалы / приобретенные въ сентябре 1889 / года въ лавке народныхъ музы / кальныхъ инструментовъ Роз / [мыслова] въ свою очередь по / лучив … инструментъ / отъ … (The cymbalo are acquired in September 1889 in the folk musical instruments shop of Rozmyslov, who, in his turn, received the instrument from) [further fragment of the label is lost]” — a handwritten paper label glued to the outside of the back

Wood, metal

1930, transferred from the Museum of the Leningrad State Conservatory
Stock number: 16516/1253

The sound board is barred with 3 plates. The back, the pin block, the tailpiece and partially the side bars are tinted black